Friday, August 11, 2017

I Got You, Babe!

The other morning I was doing a crossword puzzle and one of the answers was, “I Got You, Babe.”  Immediately after finishing the puzzle, I got on the computer and read an email from for my daily ‘Note from the Universe,’ and in the message it said, “I got you, babe.”  Coincidence?  I think not. 

On my spiritual journey, I’ve become more aware of the synchronicities in life and how they can be used by God (or the God of your understanding) to give us messages.  Seeing “I got you, babe” twice within just a few minutes of each other was more than just a coincidence.  It was an ‘in my face’ message and one I couldn’t ignore.

How many times do we have those moments when we think we may not matter, that we’re not worthy, or that God may have forgotten about us?  I’ve had my share, for sure.  Then we receive those uncanny, synchronistic messages that remind us that the Universe constantly has our back.   

We are always worthy.  If we weren’t worthy, then God would not have made us.  Every single one of us was made from the essence of God; therefore, God is always with us and within us.  It could never be any other way.  How could God create anything different?  If God is pure, unconditional, perfect love, then how can we not be made from the same source since God is the one who created us?

Some teach us that we’re unworthy and that we don’t matter.  They may use fear and guilt to control us into believing that we are alone, unworthy, that we are condemned, or that we’re a nobody.  The truth is, every single one of us has glorious value and we’re worth more than all the riches in the world!  We are all loved unconditionally and beyond measure!

“Real love has no conditions, no attachment, no request.  It only wants your highest good.  It only wants what’s best.  It would always give you freedom to be what you would be.  It would never dwell upon your faults, just your goodness it would see.  It would completely honor the journey of your soul.  It would see you in your beauty.  It would know that you are whole.  It would touch your hand with kindness.  It would softly speak your name.  It would always be supportive.  It would never “play the game.”  It would look into your eyes and, there, see the God within.  And know that Love is Who you are, and Who you’ve always been.”  (The Truth About Love by Donna Corso)

And another message from the Universe (  “You're going to be shocked because one day you're going to look at yourself, your life, and your ways, and you're going to see that your every idiosyncrasy, quirk, folly, and so-called fault, were among your greatest assets.  Oh my, I was having such a good day when I first dreamed of you.”

Published in the Cookeville Herald Citizen newspaper August 11, 2017.

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