Friday, June 30, 2017

Tender Loving Care

Recently, my mom had another visit to the ER via ambulance and ended up staying in the hospital for four days.  Anyone who has had a loved one in the hospital, whether it’s for something serious or minor, knows that it can be very difficult seeing them deal with diseases, injuries, terminal illnesses, operations, or even the unknown.  Fortunately, mom was able to come home.  Many do not.

I do have to say that whenever my parents were at Cookeville Regional Medical Center (CRMC), they’ve always received good, quality attention by very caring medical personnel.  Everyone from the EMT’s, doctors, nurses, cleaning people, those who deliver food, and hospital staff have been very gracious to both of them, and for that, we are very appreciative. 

Of course, once in a blue moon, we may come across someone who isn’t quite so nice, but then we have to consider that they’re human and have feelings just like the rest of us.  We don’t know what they’ve had to deal with that day.  They may have just lost a patient or dealt with a very difficult health situation for someone.  They may also have some heavy personal issues they’re going through.  Therefore, maybe we can cut them a little slack. 

While there, we would hear Code Blues (basically meaning someone’s heart may have stopped), or other codes that require an immediate response to that patient’s room.  When I hear these, my heart aches for the patient and their family not knowing what the outcome will be.  I wish so much there was something I could do to help, but I know it’s not my place; therefore, I can only hold all concerned in loving consciousness.

Most of these men and women in the medical profession give their all to their patients and they really care for the patient’s well-being.  They deal with seeing people in some horrible and possibly traumatic health situations, as well as having to deal with losing their patients.  Then they go home to their families (if they have one) and have to pretend that everything is okay.

If you’re ever in the hospital and receive outstanding care by anyone, why not write a thank you note, or even send a note to the hospital administrator singing their praises?  In today’s world, not too many people will go out of their way to acknowledge the good work people do. 

Also, if you know someone in the hospital, CRMC has an option where you can send patients an email and their volunteers will take your notes to that patient.  Go to, click on ‘Patients and Visitors’ at the top, and then ‘Email Greeting’ from the drop down menu.  Trust me…patients really appreciate receiving those caring, well-wishes.

So to all those who have taken care of my parents over the years, I give you my heartfelt gratitude and I really appreciate you.

“The most important medicine is tender love and care.”  Mother Teresa

Published in the Cookeville Herald Citizen newspaper June 30, 2017.

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