Friday, December 30, 2016

Embracing 2017 in Love and Light

As we go into 2017, my heart and mind are filled with so many conflicting emotions.  On one hand, seeing what’s happening in the world, especially with our politics, I can sometimes be consumed with so much fear that it’s almost debilitating.  On the other hand, most times I am filled with so much hope because I see people all over the world who are uniting for the common cause of love, peace, and harmony, and are standing up for all Earth Beings, including our Mother Earth.  It warms my heart to see how people are loving, supporting, and encouraging each other in these times of darkness, and who are spreading their love and light to everyone around them. 

Because I have felt that fear, my heart goes out to all concerned who literally fear for their lives in the coming years.  Men, women, and children who fear that they or their loved ones will be yanked from their homes and made into refugees in another land.  Those who fear losing their health insurance when that health insurance may be the only thing keeping them alive.  Those who fear they will once again have to hide their true selves.  Those who fear we will have to live the Civil Rights era all over again.  Those who fear another Holocaust.  Those who fear we will be led into nuclear war, and whatever other fears people may have.

Even though we can’t ignore the darkness that causes the fear, we can choose to try to bring light to all concerned.  In this New Year, I am choosing to try to be even more loving, compassionate, and understanding, to have more empathy, to lend an understanding heart, ear, and shoulder to those who may need it, to be of service to others, to spread more random acts of kindness and smiles, to shine my light so brightly that others can’t help but feel it, and to be the change I wish to see in the world. 

I choose love.  The same love that Jesus and all the other wonderful Spiritual Masters taught.  I choose peace.  The same peace that Gandhi, the Dalai Lama, and Martin Luther King, Jr. taught.  I choose compassion.  The same compassion that Mother Teresa taught.  Will it be easy?  Not always.  But I will set my intention to do so upon every waking morning and will do my best to lift others up and to light up the darkness.  Remember…darkness is only the absence of light, and it only takes one candle to light up the darkness.  Just imagine…if enough people all over the world let their light shine, we could light up the world!

“The way of peace is the way of love. Love is the greatest power on earth. It conquers all things.
This is the way of peace: Overcome evil with good, falsehood with truth, and hatred with love.”  Peace Pilgrim

Published in the Cookeville Herald Citizen newspaper December 30, 2016.

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