Saturday, September 3, 2016

The Man at the Flea Market

It was a beautiful, crisp fall morning and I thought I’d take the opportunity to visit the country flea market so see what treasures I might be able to find.  When I got there, it seemed like hundreds of others had the same idea as there were people everywhere.  I wasn’t in a hurry so I started down one row and took my time looking at all the interesting items on display.

I wasn’t there long before I heard a voice behind me say, “Good morning, Karen!  It’s a magnificent day out today!”  I know I recognized that voice, and when I turned, sure enough, there he was.

“Jesus!  I sure wish you would give me some kind of warning when you come to visit me!” Jesus only grinned as if he found it amusing to see my reactions every time I saw him.  This time, he was dressed in blue jeans, black t-shirt, his beard was trimmed, and he had his hair back in a pony tail.  “Are you going for a new look, Jesus?  I haven’t seen you look so modern before!”

“Karen, we’re in the middle of hundreds of people.  How do you think they’d react if I appeared as I did in Biblical times or as I appeared to you the last couple of times we met?”   He made a good point. 

“Do you always change your appearance depending on who you appear to?” 

Jesus paused before answering.  “Most people believe I look like the artist’s depiction of me that is so popular…fair skinned and sandy brown hair.  My mother is depicted as having fair skin and always wearing a scarf over her head.  And yet Mother and I are both Middle Eastern Jews and neither of us spoke English.  Also, pictures of God always show him as a man with long white hair and beard up in the sky somewhere.  But to answer your question, I appear to people the way they believe me to be.”

“My beloved, people need to remember that no one really knows what we look like.  They only have their beliefs of what we look like.  Therefore, I tend to show myself to coincide with what people believe.  But I also appear in so many other forms.  I appear as homeless people looking for change or food, as the sick and dying who can’t get medical help, the lonely elders whom people tend to forget, the hungry people all over the world who never know where their next meal may come from.  I appear as Christians, Muslims, Jews, Buddhists…as Caucasians, blacks, Mexicans, Asians, Native Americans…gays, transgenders…and everyone else you can think of.  I appear in all forms no matter who they are, what they look like, or what they believe.”

I understood what he was saying.  “Yeah, I seem to remember a Bible verse that says, ‘…whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.’”

“Yes, Karen, but there are no ‘least of these.’  You are all equal in the eyes of the Creator and you are all loved equally as well.”

Frustrated, I replied, “If that’s so, then why can’t everyone believe that?  If they did, then maybe we could all get along and there would be peace in the world!” 

“That’s because you have too many people worshipping their religions or the leaders of their churches rather than following the teachings of their Spiritual Masters, which is always based in pure, unconditional, perfect love.  Some people believe man’s interpretations rather than going within and seeking their answers. Even your scriptures have quoted me as saying ‘the Kingdom of Heaven is within.’  When people let their hearts lead from love, then they will find the answers they seek.

Contemplating what Jesus just said, I continued, “Jesus, is it true that we will know your disciples by the love they have for one another?” 

“Yes, very much so.  And you can replace my name with any other Spiritual Master as well for all other religions.  Humans speak so much about love, but not many really practice it.  Love has been the foundation of our teachings since the beginning of time, and yet, for whatever reasons, some people still aren’t getting it.”

I knew he’d be disappearing on me soon since he always comes and go in the blink of an eye, so I had to ask one more question.  “Jesus, do you think we’ll ever know world peace?”

Jesus smiled and replied, “When everyone finds the love and peace within, then you will have absolute peace in the world.”  I turned for just a second and when I turned around, he was gone.  He did it to me again! 

Published in the Cookeville Herald Citizen newspaper September 2, 2016.

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Joy Scudder said...

Love this article!!! Especially....."Yes, Karen, but there are no ‘least of these.’ You are all equal in the eyes of the Creator and you are all loved equally as well.”
Guess I will have to keep my eyes open for Jesus next time I go to the flea market.