Friday, July 29, 2016

There's Always Good News!

If you’ve watched the news or read the papers lately, it seems as if the world is falling apart.  So much negativity, hate, violence, fighting, and arguing that you’d think there was a huge dark cloud over our nation and our world.  That’s what the media and those who want to control you want you to think, and many are falling for it.  Political seasons especially are usually pretty nasty, but this season, it’s gone way beyond horrific in what’s being said and how much harm certain politicians want to do to people; therefore, the news today is focusing mostly on politics.

But what you’re not seeing or hearing is all the good that is occurring in our nation and the world, and friends, there is so much more good than bad!  There are countless numbers of people who are out there spreading the love, compassion, and acts of kindness all over the world, and so many are being of service to humanity no matter a person’s color, race, religion, culture, politics, gender, sexual preference, and so on.  They’re seeing each other as human beings with no separation. We rarely see these stories in main stream media, if at all, that’s for sure. 

I’d like to give you a few examples of the good I’ve been seeing, and I would highly recommend that you get out there and look for those wonderful stories.  Look for the good!  If you do, then maybe it will give you more hope and then you won’t give up on humanity.

One of my favorite stories is about Ken Nwadike, who started the Free Hugs Project.  After the Boston Marathon bombing, he decided to participate in the next race by offering free hugs and encouragement to runners along the route.  This simple act of kindness got national news attention, and now he attends many events, including protests, with his Free Hugs signs and he hugs everyone who will allow his loving embrace.  Mr. Nwadike has so much love for others regardless of their beliefs, who they are, or what they look like, and it shines forth from his heart.  He states, "Fear and hatred will cease to exist when love is in abundance." (

There has also been good news coming out after all the recent conflicts with police officers.  People of all colors are hugging and praying with officers of all colors.  They’re building bridges instead of walls and are coming together to try to find peace and to heal, as well as to find solutions to these issues.

There are beautiful stories where Muslims are protecting Christians and their churches, and Christians are protecting Muslims and their Mosques.  There are even stories where Muslims, Christians, and Jews are coming together to worship in the same buildings and getting to know each other.  This isn’t just in other countries, but in America as well! 

There are stories of every day heroes who are out there making a positive difference, helping strangers as well as those in their communities.  Businesses going out of their way to help those who have experienced tragedies.  People saving the lives of both humans and animals.  Those coming from all over the world to help others who have been affected by natural disasters or wars. 

The stories are endless!!!  If you want to check out a great website that posts many of these beautiful, heart-warming stories, please go to  They created this website to counteract the onslaught of negativity we see in mainstream media, as well as to “report on outstanding citizen action, innovative solutions to the world’s problems, and to shatter negative stereotypes in the public regarding race, governments, politicians, religion, corporations, Hollywood, public schools, and inner cities.”

Even though we may not be able to avoid all negative news, we can make choices as to what we watch or read.  “But, Karen!  How will we know what’s going on in the world?!?”  Trust me, if something major happens, someone will let you know.  At least limit the negativity or try to balance it out with positive news.  It will really help us keep things in perspective and remind us that there really is so much more good out there than not, and so many more good people out there than not.

Never give up on humanity, my friends!  Love always prevails.  We just need to decide whether we’re feeding the light or the darkness, and to never give up hope.  Desmond Tutu stated, “Hope is being able to see that there is light despite all of the darkness.”  And as Nelson Mandela said, “We can change the world and make it a better place.  It is in your hands to make a difference.”  

Published in the Cookeville Herald Citizen newspaper July 29, 2016.

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