Friday, March 18, 2016

Love Is the Only Answer

“The deepest invitation in any moment is to heal the root of human suffering and celebrate the Spirit in all by opening your heart to its absolute potential.  In a universe of endless questions, love is the only answer.”  Matt Kahn

Most of you who have been reading my articles know that I periodically write about the great spiritual awakening we have been experiencing.  Everything that isn’t working in our world is coming to light so that it can be seen, cleansed, and healed.  The other side of this is when we see so much turmoil happening in the world, especially in our own lives and country, that it can send people into a state of fear, and understandably so.  As humans, we can only see what is before us and it’s hard to wonder how anything will be okay. 

Spiritually, we know that there is a bigger plan and that everything is in Divine Order.  That’s a hard concept to accept or to even understand on a human level.  How can all this chaos be part of Divine Order?  If we didn’t see all the negative energies, the hate, bigotry, ignorance, violence, etc., would we even know that we still have some work to do in healing ourselves, our people, our nation, and our planet?  We’ve come a long way over the years, but underneath, there was still this negative time bomb waiting to go off because so much of it still has not been dealt with or resolved.  In actuality, all this chaos is teaching us to love and it’s reminding us who we really are as children of God and the Universe! 

People are awakening all over the world, each at their own pace.  Matt Kahn wrote a wonderful book titled “Whatever Arises, Love That ~ A Love Revolution That Begins with You” (which I highly recommend reading).  He stated, “Whether the door of awakening has already been opened and you wish to bring this journey full circle or you’re being prepared for the most miraculous adventure you may not understand, each fear, worry, and concern becomes your ongoing invitation to return to love.  No matter your experience, perception, the beliefs you carry, or the identity that is no longer here, each auspicious moment of expansion allows life to be seen through the eyes of the Universe to remember how equally everything matters.”

As your consciousness expands into the awareness that the pure, unconditional perfect love of God (by whatever name or term you use) is really all there is, it changes your perspective on the way you look at yourself, as well as the world.  We see all this nonsense occurring and we know this isn’t the way it’s supposed to be.  But rather than ‘fight’ it and add to the dark energies that are being propagated (hate, violence, etc.), we send it love and light.  In other words, you can’t fight fire with fire.  Instead, we try to embrace it with the love of God, which is in everyone and everything.  It’s not easy for sure!

It’s especially hard when it comes to politics and religion in our country because people are so passionate on all sides.  When people are suffering, in a state of fear, or agitated, then they may tend to believe anything whether it’s the truth or not, consequently allowing themselves to be easily manipulated and controlled through fear.  And sadly, they can also be easily motivated to violence, things get out of hand, and people get hurt.

Mother Teresa said, “I was once asked why I don't participate in anti-war demonstrations. I said that I will never do that, but as soon as you have a pro-peace rally, I'll be there.”  Unconditional Love is a very powerful force and will overcome all else, but we need to choose the energy of Love, and when we do, then we can move forward in healing and bringing peace to our planet.

Kahn explains that when our own consciousness expands and grows, then we are also helping the planet to be collectively healed, awakened, and loved as we are.  He states, “You are the source of life’s eternal witnessing and the orchestrator ensuring that love always has the final word.  As your evolution is revealed, there are four powerful words to carry with you wherever you go:  ‘whatever arises, love that.’”  He also wrote, “Love is the impulse to embrace the innocence of life that brings spiritual harmony to the forefront of your experiences.  Whenever love is poured into your heart or sent out as blessings to others, the light within all things awakens.”

“The awakening of consciousness is the next evolutionary step for mankind.”  Eckhart Tolle 

Published in the Cookeville Herald Citizen newspaper March 18, 2016.

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Anonymous said...

Matt's book is life changing for those who choose to integrate what is shared and do the inner work! Thank you, Karen!