Saturday, November 14, 2015

In the Beginning....

“In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.”  Genesis 1:1

There are many theories and beliefs regarding how the Universe and our Earth came into existence.  Some believe in the Big Bang Theory where life exploded into being and it just took off from there.  Others believe that there is a Supreme Being (in the form of a man) who made the Earth and everything on it and that it has nothing to do with the Big Bang Theory.  Many will fight and argue over who is right and who is wrong, but when it comes down to it, there is absolutely no proof as to how life in the Universe began.  Does it really matter?  Couldn’t it be that it’s all in some ways true? 

There are also various beliefs/theories as to how human beings came into existence.  Some believe in the Theory of Human Evolution in that man came from apes.  Others believe in the Biblical account in that we came from Adam and Eve.  Again, there is no absolute proof of either other than our beliefs.  Again, couldn’t it be that it’s all in some ways true?

Most people are not aware that there are two stories of Adam and Eve in the Bible.  In the first account, the creatures were made first.  Then God said, “Let US make man-kind in OUR image…” and he made male and female (humans) at the exact same time.  The second story is the one most people believe in which Adam was made first, then animals, and then God took one of Adam’s ribs to make Eve.  So, which version is true?  Again, does it really matter? 

Many people believe that Adam and Eve were the very first two humans on the earth, and then they had two sons, Cain and Abel.  From there, everyone else was made.  Really think about this as to how they may have multiplied.  Later, Cain killed Abel.  Cain then left Eden and went to the land of Nod where he made love to his wife.  Where did Nod come from if Eden was the first and only beginning and where did he find a wife to marry?

The reason I mention this is that everyone has their beliefs about how life and human beings began, and people are very passionate about what they believe to be true.  Since there is no absolute proof, can’t we just respect each other’s beliefs and stop the fighting and arguing?  My answer to people who want to argue about something that happened in the past (where this is no proof) is “I don’t know; I wasn’t there.”

We’re here now!  We can no longer live in the past and expect it to define us.   We are not our stories whether it’s our own generations or generations past. 

Here’s what I personally believe…  It is beyond my comprehension how anything can come into existence from nothingness.  However it started, it started from the Source of the All-That-Is (God or whatever you choose to call it).  That one Spark of the Divine blew us into existence and is within each and every one of us, as well as within everything in the Universe, and it was all made from that one Divine Spark.  That means if that God Spark multiplied, then God is in us and we are in God; therefore, that makes each of us a part of God so we can’t be anything but the essence of God!  Do you even realize how magnificent and spectacular that makes each and every one of us!?!

Some religions believe we are born into sin and are always sinners.  Did you know the original Biblical definition of “sin” was an archery term meaning to “miss the mark?”  You missed the target!  Somehow, it was adapted to mean a bad human being.  We cannot be bad or sinners when we were made from the very substance of Source!  Some also say that we need to work for God’s grace.  Friends, we don’t need God’s grace; we ARE God’s grace!!!

In the beginning, Source made everything and then said it was all good!  The only thing keeping us from believing we are good is our beliefs that we are not!  We can learn from the past, but let’s move forward knowing that we ARE the pure, unconditional, perfect love of the Universe!  Stop the fighting and arguing!  We’re all on this planet together and we really are all a part of each other.  Literally!

As Billy Fingers said, “The same intelligence that grows trees from seeds, that lets birds fly, that waves the ocean, and gives birth to new stars…that same Intelligence also breathes your breath, beats your heart, and heals your wounds.”

Published in the Cookeville Herald Citizen newspaper November 13, 2015.

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Joy Scudder said...

Wonderful article, Rev. Karen. "We’re here now! We can no longer live in the past and expect it to define us." Thank you for sharing your thoughts.