Friday, October 16, 2015

Wisdom to Grow

It’s hard to believe that I have been writing for the Herald Citizen for five years already!  In that time, I’ve grown right along with everyone else, learning to practice what I teach and to walk my talk.  It’s not always easy.  I have high expectations of myself and I aspire to be the greatest expression of who I was meant to be, as we all should.  Many times, I fall short and I am harder on myself than anyone else could ever be.  Yet I enjoy sharing what I have learned in my own life in the hopes that it might help someone else along the way.  

Some friends who know me well, and know what I believe and teach, encourage me to become even braver in what I write because I take religion and beliefs out of the box.  What I write will not be received by everyone.  There are those who follow my writings and have been very supportive.  Then there are those who don’t agree, which is perfectly fine.  I will never tell anyone what to do or what to believe.  I can only share what I believe and what I’ve learned for myself.  My advice is that if you don’t agree with what someone writes, then don’t read it. 

There is so much more I would like to write, but I always hesitate because of those who might disagree.  I don’t like conflict and avoid it if at all possible.  I’m a peacekeeper.  I love people and I love life.  My purpose is to lift people up, to encourage, and to share the love I have for all of humanity.  Not everyone agrees with my beliefs and they can be quite…um…passionate in expressing their opinions of how wrong they think I am.  Bless ‘em!  You will also never hear me say that I am right and everyone else is wrong.  I can only teach what I know and believe at this time in my life, and what I know and believe changes as I grow and learn.

I’m a seeker and a sponge for knowledge to learn the wisdom and teachings from many religions and faiths.  I am also a voracious reader and have read hundreds of books about various religions and spiritual beliefs, as well as writings from many inspirational authors up through today’s day and times.  We did not stop learning and growing after the Bible was put together.  The Bibles and holy texts from the many religions teach us many wonderful things, but we don’t have to limit our learning just from these sacred writings alone.  There were thousands of other writings written in Biblical times that we are aware of and we continue to find others.  These are just as valid and sacred as those that were gathered into what we know as our Bibles today.

We continue to evolve and grow as spiritual beings.  Information is continually given to us through prayer, meditation, intuition, and many other sources.  The Universal God is always speaking to us and continues to give us messages to help us learn and remember who we really are.  We all have the spark of the Divine within each and every one of us, and that wisdom is available to all who wish to discover it.  We only need to open our hearts and minds to receive whatever is given to us freely. 

I think it is beautiful how so many different religions are coming together to love and support each other in peace and harmony.  We can either use our religions to destroy each other and our world, or we can come together and re-create a world where we live in love and peace with each other, as well as respect any differences in beliefs.

While reading “The Laws of Spirit” by Dan Millman, I came across this great quote from one of the characters:  “I’ve sat in the shining temples of the Israelites and under the glorious spires of the mosques of Islam; I’ve knelt in the great cathedrals and bathed in the light of Christendom; I’ve sat in the sweat lodges and passed the pipe, lived as a shaman on the African plains, meditated in Buddhist temples, and inhaled the sweet aroma of incense on the banks of the Ganges. And everywhere, I’ve found the same Spirit in all religions…a Divine Will that transcends time, belief, and culture…revealing the universal laws that are the treasure of God.”

James Twyman said, “I believe that each and every human being on Earth has both the responsibility and the privilege of viewing themselves as Divine beings with the power to bring about peace.”  The Spiritual Shift is happening and when we all come together as one, love and peace will prevail. 

Published in the Cookeville Herald Citizen newspaper October 16, 2015.


Joy Scudder said...

Beautiful, Karen. Thank you!

Sharon Warren said...

Beautifully expressed, Karen! Rumi expressed it so well: "I looked in temples, churches and mosques, but I found the Divine within my own heart." LOVE is in the word evolve. We are here to love and evolve in my humble is the only thing we really take when us when we pass on! How well did we love....