Monday, June 8, 2015

Empowering Your Inner Magnificence

As an inspirational speaker, I would have to say that my favorite talk is “Empowering Our Inner Magnificence.”  One of my biggest passions is teaching people to love and embrace themselves unconditionally.  Too many of us don’t feel love towards ourselves; in fact, many people outright dislike or even hate themselves.

Many years ago a dear friend of mine, J.D. Hart, did a car commercial.  At the end he exclaimed “Harness Your Inner Awesomeness!”  I loved it and soon after developed a talk and workshop around it.  Later as I got to thinking about it, I decided to strengthen those words to something even greater, so I changed the title to “Empowering Our Inner Magnificence.”

Personally, I believe that when we are born, we are born as pure, unconditional, perfect love. We come into this world knowing our magnificence.  In fact, most of us come in screaming, “I’M HERRRRE!”  Or if you believe in reincarnation, we come in screaming, “I’M BAAAAACK!”

Then as we start to grow, the adults begin teaching us how to be human, and being human may include having low-esteem, low-self-worth, and feeling less than. We grow up knowing that something isn’t quite right because there is a slight remembrance of who we were before we came to the earth plane, but we can’t quite put our finger on it, so we spend a lifetime searching for it once again.

So much of what we learn in life is taught to us by others, and most of that is based upon what was taught to them.  When it comes to our parents or caretakers, what most people don’t realize is that they come into their relationships with each other and their children with their own ‘baggage’ from their pasts, and then that ‘baggage’ may get passed down to their children and so on.  That is until someone becomes aware that they can break the chain.  We learn that we can think for ourselves and that we can change.  We also learn that we can no longer blame our parents / caretakers for they were only doing the best they could with what they knew at the time, and if they could have done better, they would have.  That does not mean they weren’t responsible or that they shouldn’t be held accountable when doing great harm.  We can also add what we learn from society, our education, peers, and so on.

What I learned is that it really is about changing our thinking to positive and loving thoughts, learning who we really are, and that it really is all about loving one another as well as loving ourselves.  Jesus came here to teach us to be the greatest expressions of who we were meant to be!  He didn’t tell us that we were less than!  He even told us we could do the same things he did and do even more!

We say God is Love, but then many make him into a mean old man who is angry and out to get us.  Personally, I believe God is only pure, unconditional, perfect love, and only knows unconditional love for us!  God / Life / the Universe celebrates us!  There is no judgment or condemnation!  What kind of God of Love would judge or condemn?

During my talk, one of the interactive exercises I do is to have several people leave the congregation for a minute.  While they’re out, I tell the congregation that as soon as they come back in to wildly applaud them and tell them they’re loved, hug them, etc., and we do this for a minute or two.  THIS is how God celebrates you!  This is how Life celebrates you!  This is how Love celebrates you!  It only loves and celebrates you!!!

The next thing I do is to tell everyone that I had found a beautiful picture of God that I wanted to show them.  I uncover the frame and turn the picture around so that everyone can see this beautiful picture of God and what they see is their reflection in a mirror.  I then say, “If you want to see God’s face, look in the mirror.”  The Bible says that we were made in God’s image so when we look in a mirror, we are seeing that very image, and it is beautiful!

As Dr. Michael Bernard Beckwith said, “When you see that you are the beloved of the universe, then all of the energy that you have been using to convince the external world of who you are will now be yours to use for the beauty of simply being yourself just as you are.”  And you are wonderful and magnificent!

Published in the Cookeville Herald Citizen newspaper June 5, 2015.

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