Saturday, August 18, 2012

Karen’s Adventure with a Snake and a Goat

Picture this!  I went for one of my long walks down the country road enjoying the scenery and in my own little blissful world.  A small pick-up truck is coming toward me so I get off the side of the road as much as possible (I do that regardless of what direction the car is coming in), and just as I do, I see a humongous black snake just a few feet in front of me!  I motion to the truck to move over so it doesn’t hit it and the snake slithers into the woods.  The guy in the pick-up backs up to try to find it.  I told him that it was in the woods already and thanked him, cuz if he hadn’t have come along, I may have just gone ahead and stepped on it, or gotten bit, eaten, or strangled.  (Okay, I watch too much TV.)

Now.  On I go.  A little ways up, I hear what sounds like an elder person screaming at the top of their lungs “HELPPPPPP!”  I’m thinking, ‘okay, now what am I going to get myself into?’  As I get closer to the sound and hearing it again, I see that it’s one of two goats that I pass when I walk.  So, I kept walking thinking if it’s still yelling coming back, I’ll check on it.  On the way back, I’m hearing “HELPPPPP!” and I look up to see that one of the goats is caught in the barbed wire fence.  Since the owner was the one who saved me from that humongous snake, I thought I’d go up to see if I could help the goat.  Well, the goat is NOT a happy camper and wasn’t too interested in helping me help him (or her).  Plus, the little dog that was on the property wasn’t happy about me being on the property, so it bit me on the ankle (fortunately, not breaking the skin…much). 

So.  Here I am wrestling with this goat, trying to get his wire that he’s tied to untangled so that I could get him out of the barbed wire, but he’s butting me in places no one should ever be butted, pushing and shoving, and covering me in goat hair.  At one point, he butted me (again where no one should ever be butted) and I fell backwards landing my butt on a pile of twigs.  Fortunately, no twig twigged me where no person should ever be twigged.  On top of that, I had to put my water bottle and phone on the ground, and his little buddy kept trying to steal my water bottle and my phone, so I'm not only wrestling with the one goat, I'm having to swoosh the other little goat away from my things at the same time!  After sweating up a storm (which goat hair loves to stick to; the sweat, not the storm), I FINALLY get the little guy untangled while he’s still butting me (did I mention where no person should ever be butted?).  Feeling a sense of triumph, I start my trek back home.

THEN, I start thinking…  Should I have risked my life for that little goat?  I mean, I didn’t really know the people there.  I could have gone up to the door to make sure no one was home, been grabbed, and ended up in someone’s basement where the person would proceed to chop me up in little pieces and…feed me to the goat.  (Did I mention that I watch a lot of TV?)  I could only hope that my act of kindness towards that little goat will be rewarded somewhere, sometime.  Like not letting me get tetanus after I discovered that I had a couple of little gashes from the barbed wire or rabies from the little dog. 

What did I learn from all this?  I never knew that goats could scream “Help” in the English language.

(Okay, this really isn't a story in the spiritual realm, but if you can't find the humor in every day things, then we're missing part of what it means to be spiritual.)

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