Wednesday, April 4, 2012

"The Wayshower" ~ A Movie Review

A highly anticipated spiritual message movie that is full of Divine wisdom and Universal lessons that we all learn at one time or another on this amazing journey we call life.  John-Roger and Jsu Garcia did it again in bringing to us another beautiful movie about one’s quest to go within to find the truth of who we really are.  A must see for those who are seeking spiritual wisdom and who are learning to be the grandest expressions of who they were meant to be.

It is said that 2012 is going to be a year of great spiritual awakening the world over.  In recent years, we have been seeing a lot more spiritual organizations, speakers, books, websites, events, TV shows, and movies coming to light, all with messages of love, hope, peace, and compassion.  People from all over the world and all walks of life are learning to go within for their answers, and then they are teaching others how they can find their own answers by also going within. 

Spirit (or the God of your understanding) speaks to every one of us whether we choose to listen or not, or to believe it or not.  The voice is a quiet, gentle, and loving knowing that we hear within the core of our being.  Once you learn to listen to that voice, it will never steer you wrong.

Which brings me to the movie “The Wayshower.”   I had been hearing about this movie for months and was really looking forward to seeing it.  It stars Jsu Garcia, Eric Roberts, Peter Stormare, Evan Hart, Sally Kirkland, Leigh Taylor-Young, Howard Lazar, and Nina Bergman.  The screenplay was written by Jsu and John-Roger, both of whom had the honor of co-directing the film.

The story follows Jsu as he searches for answers and ways to heal his past.  To begin, he goes to Helper, Utah to try to find John-Roger (played by Howard Lazar), his spiritual teacher.  But he’s also on a journey to self-discovery. Through flashbacks and visions, he starts to put the pieces together.  The movie is like a grand puzzle in itself.  From beginning to end, Jsu is given pieces of the puzzle, and as he tries to put the pieces together, as an audience, we are right there with him trying to figure out what the bigger picture is. We see pieces from his past as a boy, pieces from visions where he is taught to go within, pieces from John-Rogers’ life as a boy up through adulthood, and pieces of his current day life.  The challenge is how do they all fit together, what do we learn from each of the pieces, and how do they fit into the grander cosmic picture?

Isn’t that just what it’s like for us in real life?  Everything that happens to us is a piece of a puzzle.  It’s up to us what we do with those puzzle pieces.  Just as Jsu learns in the movie, it is only until we can go within to find the answers that we can learn how to fit the pieces together, and maybe even see the bigger picture.  No matter how easy or hard those pieces may have been to experience, they all fit together to reveal the grandest, most majestic masterpiece of our lives.

During one vision, he is asked by the Archangel Gabriel (personified as a beautiful woman), “Who are you?”  She then asks him to answer “I’m the one who…..” and he has to fill in the blanks.  At first his answers are dark and negative, revealing the way he currently feels about himself and his life.  As she keeps asking him, he starts to get it and begins answering in a lighter, more positive way.  But he has more work to do. 

As the movie continues, Jsu is finally reunited with John-Roger and the teacher continues to teach his student.  A lesson that Jsu needed to learn is that even though he loves and respects his teacher, and he can continue to learn from him, he needed to go within to find his own answers within his own soul.  In the movie, Jsu spent much of his life trying to find his answers ‘out there.’  Isn’t that what most of us do?  We need to learn that our identity isn’t out there, but it is who we are within. 

I don’t want to reveal too much of the movie, as it’s one that you need to see for yourself.  There are a great many spiritual words of wisdom in this movie, and if I were you, I would watch it with a pen and paper in hand and write them down.  Also be on the lookout for more wonderful movies and books from this wonderful group of people. 

Overall, I would highly recommend this film.  I know I am adding it to my library as one of my favorite spiritual message movies, and will be happy to suggest it to all of my friends.