Thursday, November 10, 2011

Everything is in Divine Order

“My life is unfolding in perfect order.  If I am feeling overwhelmed, I may have difficulty recognizing that divine order is at hand.  I remind myself to release my need to know how things will work out and trust the Universe for right outcomes.  I turn to nature for an example.  A soft caterpillar plods through countless hazards to find food.  Over time, he wraps himself in a cocoon, transforms his body, and pushes himself through a tiny opening to stretch and fill out his new butterfly wings.  Observing the process, I see why each phase is necessary.  I see order in his unfoldment.  My evolution is even more complex and miraculous.  With renewed calm and appreciation for the order present in all life, I continue on my path of transformation.  ‘Put things in order…and the God of love and peace will be with you.’” (2 Corinthians 13:11)  (Printed from The Daily Word, a Unity publication.)

Through my writing and speaking, I can only share what I believe.  Everything I think and believe is based upon my own life experiences, the wisdom I’ve gained, and how I see things through my own perspective lenses.  It’s that way for each of us.  What we believe…is.

I believe that everything is in divine order.  Everything happens for a reason and everything is as it should be.  Or as some in Unity like to say, “We are in the right place, at the right time, right now.”  Everything I experience in my life is for my own soul’s growth.   I believe that God is in every one and every thing.  That’s hard for some to comprehend, but once I got it, I understood.  God doesn’t cause what we go through because we have free will, but S/he’s still in the midst of it all. 

I also believe that there is always a bigger picture; things we can’t know or see.  Since I believe that God is in all that is, I know I can look for the good that is in or may come out of every situation.  We may not see it at the time, if at all, but it’s there.  When we get to the ‘hindsight part,’ we can look back and say, “Oh, now I see why I went through that!”  I know that it’s made me a stronger and better person because of it.  I gained so much more wisdom and knowledge, and learned a little bit more about myself.

It’s not always easy.  Sometimes, when I’m going through something, I feel like I’ve stepped into a spot of quicksand, and I’ve sunk so far in that I can’t see above the muck.  I call it “being stuck in the muck.”  But it’s my choice whether I want to stay in the muck, or reach in to that infinite wisdom and power that is within me, and pull myself out of it.  Sometimes I have to ask for help, but I make the choice.  Some people feel they don’t have a choice, but even that is a choice.

Our souls are here to learn, to remember, and to help each other on the path that we have chosen here on earth.  People (and situations) come in and out of our lives doing what they came here to do.  Not all of it feels good.  In fact, at times, it can appear outright ugly. 

One thing I learned that made a huge impact on me is that everything is one energy:  good/bad, ugly/beautiful, right/wrong, and so on.  It is only when we humans attach a label to it that makes it what it seems to be.  Nothing has meaning except the meaning that we give to it.  The thoughts we choose will make or break us, because it is those thoughts that assign those labels.

Not too long ago, I started to go into fear by what I’ve been seeing in our religion, politics, and other world situations.  Then I heard the words from Spirit say, “It’s okay.  I’ve got it all under control.  Let me handle it.”  I have to trust those words to be my truth.  I have to trust that we, as a nation, a people, and a world, are in a birthing process, and like any birth, we have to go through the birthing pains.   We can kick and scream as much as we want, but that will only give us more kicking and screaming.  Or we can look for the good, know that we are in the cocoon stage of life, and that soon, that beautiful and miraculous butterfly will soon emerge.  It is then that we can look back and say, “Oh!  Now I see why I/we went through that!”  It’s all in divine order, and all is well.  God is in charge.

(Published in the Cookeville, TN Herald Citizen newspaper.)


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God Bless all the wonderful people of Silent Unity.mlj