Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Have you seen the movie “Avatar” yet? If not, I would highly recommend it. At first, I wasn’t going to see it. I had asked myself, “Self…if this movie wasn’t in 3D, would you be interested in seeing it?” Then Self replied, “Probably not.” Except for one thing. All my friends were telling me, “You have GOT to see this movie!!!!” Rather than feel left out on what could be something really big, I relented and went to see it. I’m glad I did! It was a magnificent movie!

I love message movies anyway. Apparently, “Avatar” is being touted as one of the biggest, most recent, message movies in the Spiritual communities. The message I received is that mankind is continuing to ravage our earth while destroying complete cultures of people. That was the negative message. The positive message was that the Spirit of people (and aliens) will prevail.

It was a beautiful movie in that it was a message of love, compassion, understanding, and a loving tolerance of those who are different than we are. It is also a story of the goodness of mankind (and aliens). Several of the main human characters realize that destroying the Na’vi beings, their homes, and their land in order to get the precious resources was wrong, and they come to their aid at great expense of loss of life.

What is disturbing is that some people and organizations are actually politicizing this movie! I was watching “The View” recently and was appalled that two of the show’s cast were trying to make a military issue out of the movie (and I love “The View”). What they saw was “white, ex-marines” being the bad guys, and that this was a direct reflection on our own military and making them look bad. That had never occurred to me. What I saw was mankind, no matter what color, race, religion, or what part of the earth they came from, full of greed and selfishness, were destroying another culture for its resources and/or their land.

It was done to the American Indians in the early history of America. It was done to the Jews by Hitler and others; it’s being done in Iraq, Africa, and various other parts of the world. Genocide is still occurring even to this day to destroy a people whom we don’t agree with just because they’re different and/or to get their resources. We’re destroying the Amazon and cultures/animals just for the resources the Amazon offers.

What this movie says to me is that it is a wake-up call. It’s time we stopped the genocide, the hate, the greed, and the selfishness, and start embracing those who may not look like us, believe like us, or live like us. The greatest teaching in all the Bibles is to love one another. And yet it is one of the most ignored teachings, even here in America. And it’s time we start taking care of our earth and appreciating Her for giving us life.

Let’s stop focusing on our differences and begin focusing on what we have in common. Let’s love and embrace the good in all people and in all things. Let’s start practicing the teachings of our great spiritual teachers. Love really is the answer.



Joe Ganci said...

Well said, Karen. Sometimes people overanalyze movies to get to messages they want to see and hear.

Related to military and spirituality is this story I just saw:

shamballa9944 said...

I too resisted seeing Avatar for several weeks as I tend to get irritated by message movies LOL. But something shifted and I was feeling I HAD to go see it. I believe it was the visual beauty that I saw that was pulling me to see it.

And am I ever relieved--and thrilled--that I did! I'm going again tomorrow ;)

When my husband and I left the theater he was starting to analyze the movie? Do you know who such and such was supposed to be...yadda yadda yadda.

I finally asked him to stop talking. I was floating in some altered state from the visual experience, and the subtle yet visible cues of universal nature of life, and I had absolutely no interest in over-thinking any of it! Thankfully my husband got it and took no offense.

I agree that this movie, just like any other experience is ripe for people seeing what confirms their 'truth.'

My truth is that we can create a life, a planet and all that live upon it that is beautiful and interconnected. So that's what I take away from it.