Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Being Our Brother's Keepers

What is happening in Haiti is both tragic and heart-wrenching. It is only by fate that this didn’t happen to us here in America. As Americans, we’ve been very fortunate to have very few catastrophes in our history as compared to other countries. For this, we should feel very fortunate and grateful.

Dealing with these types of tragedies where there has been a great loss of life, as well as countless injuries, can be very difficult and depressing. My heart goes out to all the Haitians and those who are affected by the destruction of these precious lives. I wish there were some magic formula to make everything better at an instant. But there isn’t. Other than providing prayers and aide, we just have to trust the process here on this planet.

Everyone has their way of dealing with horrible situations. I have my own theory that I’d like to share with you, though it’s just a theory. Others have written and spoken about this belief system. All I know is that it helps me and gives me peace in the midst of chaos.

I believe that before we come to this earth in human form, on a soul level, we choose everything we want to experience on this planet. We choose our parents, we choose the date and place we want to be born, we choose the conditions we wish to experience, and we choose the date and way we leave wish to leave.

When my grandmother died, which devastated me as I loved her so much; it brought me some peace to believe that her soul chose to leave at that time. After our souls serve their purpose (reason for being here), they go back home. Some call it making out a contract and when that contract is completed, they leave.

Let’s look at a possible scenario where a soul is choosing what s/he wants to experience on the earth plane. Soul Sue decides that she wants to take a trip to earth to go on all kinds of exciting adventures. She has a contract in front of her (or on a heavenly computer) that lists thousands of scenarios to choose from. Sue chooses parents who don’t get along and fight all the time because she wants to experience what that is like. She also chooses to have a difficult childhood because she wants to glean the wisdom that comes from having to grow up so quickly. Sue knows Joe on the other side, and they get together to contract that they will meet on earth to get married and have an abusive marriage, because she wants to learn to become empowered and take back control of her human life. She also checks off that after she gets divorced, she meets the man of her dreams who treats her with great respect and loves her dearly. A few years later, she become pregnant, but experiences several miscarriages, until she has the beautiful child who was meant to be. She grows old and happy with her family. She also checks off that she wants to die at the age of 101, but she chooses to die healthy and at peace. After her purpose on earth was fulfilled, she comes back to the other side full of exciting stories about all her adventures and everything she learned.

So…how does this relate to Haiti? Not only can just a couple of people contract to share experiences on earth, but so can numerous groups of people. Let’s say that the millions of Haitians contracted to experience this before they came to earth. They not only want to have the personal experiences, but they want to be teachers for their fellow man. They see ahead of time that people on earth are in chaos and need to be reminded what is truly important, and they want to be a part of this very important mission. They look at the United States and see how they have gotten so caught up in arguing and fighting over politics, and they’ve forgotten how important it is to really take care of each other.

I truly believe, as awful as the situation in Haiti is (as well as 9/11 and others), that they happen as reminders to we humans how we really are our brothers keepers. It seems that in only times of tragedies do we remember that it’s not all about us (individuals, groups, etc.). It really is about having love, compassion, and understanding for those around us at ALL times. When there is a tragedy, people and nations put aside their differences to come to the aid of our fellow beings. We assist in the way of money and personal aide, and we realize that we really are one.

Why must it take a catastrophe of significant circumstances for us to remember this? When there isn’t a disaster occurring, we tend to get complacent in our own problems and we forget to care and love for one another. How many times do we have to have these extreme reminders?

Let’s learn from Haiti and not let this be just another human disaster. There are people all over the world, including our own country, who need help now. Let’s put aside our differences and learn that we really are our brother’s keepers. Now and forever more.


Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Have you seen the movie “Avatar” yet? If not, I would highly recommend it. At first, I wasn’t going to see it. I had asked myself, “Self…if this movie wasn’t in 3D, would you be interested in seeing it?” Then Self replied, “Probably not.” Except for one thing. All my friends were telling me, “You have GOT to see this movie!!!!” Rather than feel left out on what could be something really big, I relented and went to see it. I’m glad I did! It was a magnificent movie!

I love message movies anyway. Apparently, “Avatar” is being touted as one of the biggest, most recent, message movies in the Spiritual communities. The message I received is that mankind is continuing to ravage our earth while destroying complete cultures of people. That was the negative message. The positive message was that the Spirit of people (and aliens) will prevail.

It was a beautiful movie in that it was a message of love, compassion, understanding, and a loving tolerance of those who are different than we are. It is also a story of the goodness of mankind (and aliens). Several of the main human characters realize that destroying the Na’vi beings, their homes, and their land in order to get the precious resources was wrong, and they come to their aid at great expense of loss of life.

What is disturbing is that some people and organizations are actually politicizing this movie! I was watching “The View” recently and was appalled that two of the show’s cast were trying to make a military issue out of the movie (and I love “The View”). What they saw was “white, ex-marines” being the bad guys, and that this was a direct reflection on our own military and making them look bad. That had never occurred to me. What I saw was mankind, no matter what color, race, religion, or what part of the earth they came from, full of greed and selfishness, were destroying another culture for its resources and/or their land.

It was done to the American Indians in the early history of America. It was done to the Jews by Hitler and others; it’s being done in Iraq, Africa, and various other parts of the world. Genocide is still occurring even to this day to destroy a people whom we don’t agree with just because they’re different and/or to get their resources. We’re destroying the Amazon and cultures/animals just for the resources the Amazon offers.

What this movie says to me is that it is a wake-up call. It’s time we stopped the genocide, the hate, the greed, and the selfishness, and start embracing those who may not look like us, believe like us, or live like us. The greatest teaching in all the Bibles is to love one another. And yet it is one of the most ignored teachings, even here in America. And it’s time we start taking care of our earth and appreciating Her for giving us life.

Let’s stop focusing on our differences and begin focusing on what we have in common. Let’s love and embrace the good in all people and in all things. Let’s start practicing the teachings of our great spiritual teachers. Love really is the answer.