Monday, August 3, 2009

The Collective Consciousness for Love and Peace

A lot sure is going on in the world right now! There is a lot of harmony among people, but there is also a lot of discord. What bothers me is that there is particularly a lot of conflict among our religious and political organizations, when it is these very organizations, which should be working toward the greater good of all as a whole!

Our religions should be teaching love, peace, harmony, and well-being, but there are so many who are teaching anything but! How can we tolerate hate and selfishness in these arenas when this is the time when we should be working towards exactly what Jesus and all the other great spiritual teachers taught: unconditional love for all! It seems that there are so many egos involved where people want to rule with their own personal belief systems and their own interpretations of what their Bibles teach to the exclusion of all others. And then we wonder why so many are being turned off to traditional religious organizations.

It especially bothers me when I hear some religious leaders speak such hate-filled talk toward all others who do not believe the way they do. Whenever anyone speaks hate talk toward anyone or anything, they are NOT speaking for God. They are speaking for their own selfish agendas. As long as they are speaking of our differences rather than what we have in common and how we can come together in that love, peace, and harmony, they are not speaking for God.

It’s worse in our political arenas. It seems like various parties will work against the other parties for the sole purpose of working against the other parties and all else be damned. They will also bring in their own religious views based on their own personal agendas, and again, so many speak hate talk. They call themselves conservative Christians, but their words speak otherwise. There are political talk show hosts who are very intolerant of those who believe differently, and I can’t even listen to them because the negativity that they are spewing forth is intolerable to me. I can feel it coming right out of the airwaves and it makes my soul cringe.

Obviously, there are many exceptions to both of the above where there are people working towards the greater good for all and do speak and teach love. They just tend to get drowned out by the hate-filled others. Our media doesn’t help either because they only print the negative.

It’s so easy to complain and find fault with others, but how often do you hear anyone talking about how we CAN work together. Mother Theresa was once asked to join an anti-war rally and her reply was no, but if they have a pro-peace rally, she would be there. Personally, I want to hear those who are talking pro-peace, pro-harmony, and pro-love, whether it is in our political or religious organizations.

I don’t want to hear how we can’t do something. Tell me how we CAN. Tell me how we CAN work towards peace. Tell me how we CAN get people back to work. Tell me how we CAN get insurance for all. Tell me how we CAN, as Americans, work together for the common good of all. Tell me how we CAN lower our crime rates. (Note: This is no reflection on President Obama. I know he’s trying, but he has a great challenge ahead of him.) Tell me how we CAN end abuse towards humans and animals alike. Tell me how we CAN have a healthy environment. Tell me how we CAN love and accept all people regardless of their color, race, religion, or walk of life.

When are we going to get it? We are on this earth together with no other place to go. This is it. I look forward to the day when the pro-love, pro-peace, and pro-harmony organizations out-number the anti-everything organizations. We’re out there. We have a voice. Our numbers are growing. We are the serum that is going to heal this hateful virus that has consumed our political and religions organizations (and it’s really not just these two organizations). Hopefully, I’ll see it in my lifetime. It’s coming.

We have the choice. Do we join the collective consciousness for love and peace? Or do we join the collective consciousness for hate and intolerance? Do we find solutions to our challenges, or to we just sit back and continue to complain and spew forth the hate-filled energy?

Love can heal. Love can change even the most hardened hearts. Love can rule the world. Unconditional love and acceptance of all. It’s ours if we just claim it and work towards the greater good of all. Let’s get into possibility thinking mode. Think love. Think peace. Think harmony. It starts with the wo/man in the mirror. And so it is.


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