Friday, June 26, 2009

Accepting Your Good

Today I had an interesting experience. I had gone into town and I saw a small pick-up truck stalled on a busy road near a busy intersection. People were flying around the truck, and some were taking chances cutting into traffic to get around it. I pulled into the parking lot where I was going to shop and decided to go over to see if there was anything I could do. I found two elder ladies who were trying to get it started to no avail. (It was very hot and humid, too!)

Thinking that I had to do SOMEthing, I decided that I would try to push the truck into the next drive…by myself. It wasn’t too far ahead, so how hard could it be? The problem was that it was up a slight grade. Now, I’m middle age and was always a farm girl, but I am no spring chicken either. I got behind the truck and tried pushing. It only budged a few inches. I’m pushing with all my might, thinking, “Surely a man is going to come to our rescue any moment now….yep, at least ONE man is going to come and help…any time now….” People kept driving by.

FINALLY, a man came and both of us started pushing. We were pushing so hard that we were almost parallel to the ground. And again I’m thinking…”Surely another man will come help….yep….ANY time now…..” (I say man, but another woman would have been fine, too.) Then another little pick-up truck drove up behind us and the man said that he would try to push it into the parking lot with his truck. The three of us were finally able to get the truck off the road where the women would be safe. (If I didn’t lose at least an eighth of a pound doing that, I’m going to just spit! That whooped me out! Grin.)

Afterwards, I was feeling pretty good about being able to help someone. Then it happened. I started to feel guilty for feeling good about helping. Thoughts ran through my head that my ego was the one who was feeling good because when we do good acts, we shouldn’t feel good for doing good, should we? My Spirit within started to set me straight. “What do you mean that you can’t feel good for doing good? That’s why you do good. It makes you feel good! So feel good and stop feeling guilty!” (Gotta listen to that inner voice; she always knows what she’s talking about.)

How many of us sabotage ourselves of feeling good just because for whatever reasons, we feel, consciously or subconsciously, that something is wrong with feeling good? Ladies, you should know exactly what I’m talking about. What happens when someone pays us a compliment, say, for the outfit we have on? What do we usually say? “This old thing? Why it’s been in my closet for years!” We dis the compliment. (When it comes to compliments, I learned to “just say thank you and then shut up.”)

Why do we do good deeds in the first place? Because it makes us feel good to do so. Otherwise, we probably wouldn’t be doing them. So, it is perfectly okay for us to feel good for doing good! Give yourself some credit for being someone who was willing to help another in need. Look at all those who didn’t.

We need to be able to accept our good whenever and wherever it comes. The Universe has an unlimited supply of good to give to us. All we need to do is accept it wherever it comes from. If we are constantly dissing it, we will miss out on so much good that is ours to have because we will not always recognize it when it comes.

My purpose in life is to be of service to humanity and to do good whenever and wherever I can. And it’s perfectly okay for me to feel good about it. So the next time you do some good for someone, feel good about it, and treat yourself to a little extra joy and happiness. We deserve it!


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