Monday, June 16, 2008


Serendipity sure has a way of showing up in our lives. The trick is to notice them. Lately, it seems that the Universe is shooting them at me in quick succession.

A couple of weeks ago, I was four months into a new job at a college campus. I liked the job itself, though it was challenging, but my manager was even more challenging to the point that I didn't know if I wanted to stay or not. One day, I was walking to another building, enjoying the day, and I started thinking, "I really enjoy working at this college. But I really need to start seriously thinking about my motivational speaking career. That means I'm going to have to start thinking about what to do about this job, which I really need to get out of anyway." Several hours later, I lost my job! I could only look to the heavens and say, "Well, I didn't mean todaaaay!"

It's as if the Universe (God, Great Spirit, whatever name you choose; just different names for the same entity) was saying, "Karen, how many opportunities do you need to get your motivational speaking career started and your motivational book written?" Me: "Well, how many can I have?" Grin.

The serendipity was that I had seen a quick snippet of a commercial for a TV show coming on which had one of my favorite actors, Eric Roberts on it. I didn't catch when it was, so I started searching the programs on my DirecTV to see if I could find it. I came across a current show, one of my all-time favorites, "Touched By An Angel," so I stopped to watch the rest of it. Guess who was the actor in the featured role? Eric Roberts!

The next one happened when we had a guest speaker at Unity and he had brought his wife, whom I had met a couple of times at the college, but it seems every time we meet again, we go through the "I know I know you from somewhere" thing. Her name is Leslie, so I thought of a word association to remember it. (Isn't it interesting how we can remember the word association, but not the word/name itself?) I knew another lady at a previous job a couple of years ago, hadn't seen or talked to her since, and her name was Leslie. After the service, I stopped at Wal-Mart, and guess who I ran into? Leslie from my previous job.

The one that just happened today wasn't pleasant for me, but it happened just the same. I had stopped to visit a log home model (my dream home) and one of the salesman told me about a large log home just up the road from where I lived. I had yet to drive up that way, so I thought I'd drive up and see it. On the way, there was a dead deer on the side of the road (I'm an animaltarian, so this always upsets me), and the development just over the hill is called "Deerhaven!"

Oh, just thought of one more. A notebook fell off my bed and a piece of paper fell out. It was from a fortune cookie and read, "Soon you will be sitting on top of the world." Coincidence? I think not.

I've really been working hard at getting my thinking geared towards what I desire to have in my life. It's called manifesting and it's really popular right now. But there's so much more to it than just wishing for a car, and then poof, there it is. I think I might just be getting a handle on it.

For a really good website about manifesting, please check out "Magnetizing Your Hearts Desires" by Sharon Warren. I read her book and it takes you beyond "The Secret." It can be found at:

I'm so exciting about what's coming my way. I'm expecting good things, too. Till next time...

Love and Laughter, Kalina


Jonathan Steele of said...

I know this may sound like it is way out in left field but you might enjoy the book by Clayton Christensen called The Innovators Solution.

If and when you read it, think of the principles of how markets work in relation to the book that is germinating in your heart.

People have a job to be done. They often are looking for an easier way to get it done.

When someone comes along and finds a new way to get that job done, a market disruption can take place.

The question is, out of all the Jobs to be done, which one under the Sun will you pick?

It is just a thought.

Best wishes....


Kalina said...

Thank you, Jonathan Steele! I will look into that book. I noticed on your website (yes, I looked) that you are a motivational speaker! Wonderful! When I have a few more minutes, I'm going to read through it. I'm really anxious to get my motivational speaking career started. Any suggestions? I have been a member of Toastmasters for several years and am going to be serving as President for the second time. I really enjoy it and we have a really good group of people. I appreciate your leaving a comment. Take care and remember to love and laugh! Karen :)

debrarae said...


I have finally found your site. IT is beautiful, as are you.

I will look into the site for the book you mention.

I love your revelations, and have learned alot from you every since meeting you on the 2006 Cruise to Lose.

I'll be looking foward to reading your future posts.

Thank you for this wonderful gift that you have given me.