Friday, June 20, 2008

Delays Can Be a Good Thing


Yesterday morning I took a long walk down a road I haven't walked before. There is a beautiful log home setting on top of a small mountain overlooking the valley and I wanted to take some pictures. It was probably a good two miles, but I love to walk, especially out in the country. The views are just breath-taking. After I got my pictures, I started to walk further down the road when I lost my footing and fell; first onto my knees, then my wrist, and then onto my face. After I realized I was really okay (as compared to not), I got up and surveyed the damage. My right knee was skinned up pretty good, my wrist hurt, and at first, I thought I had broken my nose. Fortunately, I had on my sunglasses, which I know saved my eyes. I was able to walk, so I started my long trek back home. I'm a little sore and bruised up, but thank goodness, nothing serious.

On the way back home, I wondered why this had happened. Before I left my house, I had gotten myself into a negative frame of mind, which is why I wanted to get back out to nature and get a good dose of her beauty and energy. (I can usually keep myself pretty positive and optimist, but even I have my moments.) Nature can always lift me back up. Did my negative thoughts as I left the house cause me to fall? Or, was someone or something protecting me from something really bad happening further down the road? It wasn't the safest road to walk on, but I always take precautions and get as far off the road as I can when a car comes in either direction. Or did it just happen to happen? I don't know right now, but one thing I learned is that sometimes things happen to protect us.

A good example: Several years ago, I was getting ready to leave work and I got delayed and had to stay about 15 minutes extra. On the way home, I decided at the last minute to stop and get my car washed. Then I think I hit every light in town. I lived on a mountain and the road was considered the most dangerous road in the county. As I got half-way up the mountain, a police officer had traffic stopped and it was going to be awhile. There had been an accident up a ways and they were turning people around. I had to drive for miles to take the detour back home. What I found out later was the accident was just near where I turned off to go home and that a three year old child had died. The accident happened about the exact same time that I would have been going around that curve. Now, did the delay save my life? Did it keep me from seeing something really horrible? I don't know how I could have dealt with seeing a dead child. Or blood. Or someone's life ripped apart.

I now know that whenever I have a delay, or have to wait in a line or at a traffic light, or maybe a flight is delayed, I have to work late, etc., to know that there may be a bigger picture here and that the Universe is actually saving me from something horrible. OR, timing it up so that I can meet up with something or someone really wonderful!

No matter where we go or what we do, we'll always have to wait. If you time it, it really isn't that long. Besides, my attitude, it's not cancer, it's not war, I have my health, I live in the wonderful country of America...what's waiting a few minutes? I've told people in line this, too, and they were amazed at my attitude! And it really helped the clerk who was trying to do the best he/she could.

So, the next time you find yourself being delayed for whatever reason, try to trust and believe that there is a bigger picture. And bless the moment.

Love and Laughter,

Kalina :)

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